This doc may have found the fastest way to lose belly fat.

I’ve just had a really interesting mail from a doctor who speciliazes in fitness and fat loss. He contacted me through my website and he may have just found the fastest way to lose belly fat.

Basically he has invented a device that is able to measure the recovery of your nervous system after an interval. This means you can accurately judge the how long your rest period has to be and allows your body to return back to a rested state properlly.

This is important because its only in a rested state that your body is able to produce the hormones that allow you burn up that body fat. This is superbĀ as itĀ means each time you workout you get the most amount of fitness improvement and the most amount of fat loss for each workout. If thsi works it will really be the fastest way to lose belly fat.

Thats all i have now, will let you have more information when i get it.


The Answers to Lose the Belly Fat Very Quickly

You know, when one actually considers the vast amounts of money spent on weight loss supplements and various other weight loss programs, it’s almost unbelievable that so many people are still struggling to lose the belly fat. On the other hand, there’s a perfectly natural way to shed up to 5lbs of belly fat in as little as one week.

To be honest, I was also desperate to lose belly fat at one point in my life and while I may not have tried all the different diet pills, I certainly made up for it by reading everything I could find on the subject hoping to stumble across the perfect secret.

While on my quest to get lean, I came to notice a few points which I feel are stumbling blocks for so many others on a similar quest. Firstly, radical diets are just plain wrong and in many cases, even dangerous. Secondly, most of the much touted exercise programs offer little true benefits because they either do nothing at all, or they require such an enormous effort that the average fatty won’t bother.

So how did I manage to lose the belly fat in the end? I was told about interval training and believe me; I never looked back after that. It’s not only me telling you it works, but science as well. Yes, it’s been proven that interval training is perhaps the most effective weight loss strategy in the world. The favorite recommendation from trainers seems to be steady state cardio and yes, a session will cause your body to burn fat for up to thirty minutes. Now compare it to interval training. Just a single session will result in your body burning up fat for up to forty hours and that in my opinion is simply amazing.

To establish just how effective interval training is, a study was undertaken at Tremblay using two groups of volunteers. While group one was put on a steady state cardio program, group two were put on an interval training program. After completion of the study, the results were nothing short of spectacular, with the interval trainers having lost nine times as much subcutaneous fat than their counterparts on the steady state cardio program.

Of course nobody can disagree that those results were amazing but what researchers also discovered, was that those who had been on the interval training program also benefited from a permanent change in their metabolism, the manner in which your body burns fat. You get to lose the extra belly fat without doing to much work.

If one considers that those initial studies took place back in 1994, it stands to reason that over the years; techniques have been refined, thus making interval training even more effective than it was back then. Obviously, results will depend on the level of training you do as well as the intensity of your training. For beginners starting off with a twenty minute training session and doing this three times each week, they can expect to loose about 2lbs per week

Proper interval training is known to be extremely intensive so if you’re unfit, please ease into it slowly. After just a few weeks you’ll be able to increase the level of intensity which of course means more rapid fat loss. Above all, whether you only need to shed one or two pounds or whether you need to half you size, interval training is the most effective way for you to lose the belly fat which has been haunting you for years.